A Good Guy With A Gun 

Citizen Responders By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

If you are an aficionado of Science-Fantasy, you know that in those stories and shows, houses of worship are sacred.   The evil combatants respect a house of worship and no combat is conducted while inside. 

History has shown us that in the real world, no house of worship is safe. 

However, due to the foresight of the Texas Assembly and our Governor; they are safer now than before.  At the beginning of this year, a law went into effect allowing concealed carry in houses of worship. To our fortune, that law probably saved a dozen lives on Sunday.

If you haven’t heard, a gunman started shooting in a church near Fort Worth.  He only got off two rounds when a “Citizen Responder” ended his attack.  

A few things to consider regarding this incident.  First: There is no such thing as a gun free safe zone.  In reality, bad actors will act badly anywhere. Second: We know it’s a cliché; but it’s appropriate: “When Seconds count, help is Minutes away?” Third:  Would you be ready and able to respond? The citizen responder at that church engaged the shooter within five seconds. When was the last time you trained to draw and fire in a timed exercise?  

The incident that occurred near Fort Worth on Sunday could have happened at any location, in any city, in any state.  We, as License To Carry holders have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and friends to be able to be that citizen responder.  

We’ve written about the “Citizen Responder” before.  That person is the first to witness an incident; any incident, vehicle accident, medical emergency, protection.  Law Enforcement, EMT, Fire Fighting is only on scene after someone calls 9-1-1. That witness can be the difference between a favorable outcome and a fatality.  

Our safety, our health, our livelihoods are our responsibility.  Make a commitment, a resolution for the new year; LEARN and TRAIN.  Learn First Aid, learn tactical pistol skills and practice. Join the ranks of those citizen responders; and help make our city and our state a safer place.

Make a promise that you will get more range time at Saddle River Range this year.  Make a promise to yourself and your family that you will learn tactical pistol skills from the instructors at Saddle River Range.  Make a promise to yourself that you will be that Citizen Responder if you’re in a situation where “all Hell breaks loose”!

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

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