Abolish the Police?

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


A few years back, we wrote about the layering of personal security.  Those layers begin with our own attitude and actions, progress through community programs and then expand with professional security organizations; both private and public.

We maintain our safety and security by having all those protective layers of security wrapped around us, our family, friends and co-workers.   Without those layers; we would stand exposed to the risk of criminal and negligent actions of others.

Consider the word “police” as representing all pubic law enforcement programs; municipal police departments, county Sheriffs and Constables, State Police and Highway Patrol as well as federal agencies.  All established to provide protective layers of security locally and nationally. 

Today, there is a virus spreading throughout society; and it’s not COVID19!  The virus to which we refer is a devastating killer.  It wraps itself up in self-righteous intellectualism, falsely calling for the abolishment of institutions stood up to provide for the security of society as a whole.

This virus is peeling back the layers of our safety and security, pushing to remove the institutions that have been established to protect the safety, security and lifestyles of our citizenry. 

Consider that in Seattle, business owners are not afforded the protection of the local police against rioting crowds.  A local ordinance prohibits the Seattle Police from safely interceding in a large crowd to protect property; both public and private property. 

Considering the abolishment of the Police, or handcuffing their response; if the layering of Professional Law Enforcement is removed, how does the resulting exposure affect our lives?  Add to that, the movement to remove our ability to protect ourselves: i.e. gun control laws, the modification of or rescinding of the Second Amendment!

There is now a movement focused on removing one of our outer layering elements that was established to protect society.  The possible erosion of an inner layer of personal protection would invariably open up the risk of personal exposure to criminal action.

We can respect the sentiment of the peaceful rallies.  Everyone should feel safe in this country, their community, their home.  However, the abolishment of an institution as a result of the misguided actions of a small few does not enhance the safety and security of the community; just the opposite!

Active neighborhood watch programs in collaboration with community patrolling increases the security of the community and establishing personal protocols enhances the safety and security of the individual.  Law Enforcement is an integral part of our layering protocol.  Yes, Law Enforcement can’t be everywhere at all times; however, we must have that layer to sustain the security of the country, the community, the neighborhood and the individual.    

We don’t expect much change to our current Law Enforcement institutions; however, you may want to exercise your right guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  Come visit.  Bring a friend, hire an instructor and learn how to exercise that right.  Because if it’s taken away; not only is our security at risk, but so are our freedoms!

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

© Copyright 2020 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved