By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


Almost halfway into 2021 and the media and politicians are focused on “guns”.  The media, the ‘gun grabbers’, anti-gun politicians; all focused on “gun” violence. 

The issue here is lawlessness, specifically – “violence”.   Violence does not need, nor is it applicable for there to be an adverb to modify violence.  It’s just VIOLENCE!

The police arrive at a vehicle crash where a driver under the influence drove his car into the patrons at a sidewalk café.  Four dead, six with injuries requiring transport to a hospital. 

If we prefaced violence with the adverb; would this be “Vehicular” violence?  Or should it be referred to as “Alcohol” violence? 

The crime is vehicular manslaughter.

Across the nation; as of April of 2021, there have been 206 people killed as a result of a firearm.  The death rate for vehicular related DUI is in excess of 3,000.  “Alcohol Violence?”

In Texas in 2019, the most recent research released; there was a vehicle associated death each and every day of that year.  There were 1,866 deaths related to rural accidents, 1,161 deaths related to vehicles running off the road, 1,331 deaths related to vehicle collisions and 660 pedestrians killed by a vehicle. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that in that same year there were 1,403 murders committed in Texas.  Of that count, the tools used to commit those murders included guns, knives, the attacker’s body (fist or feet), blunt object, poison, fire, drugs, drowning and strangulation. Murder is murder regardless of the instrument used to execute the violence.

In Texas in 2019, there where over 3,600 deaths related to a vehicle; almost 1,700 related to DUI. In that same year, there were a little over 1,000 deaths attributed to a firearm!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that killing is not related to the tool available to the killer; it is all about the inhuman behavior of the attacker.  That part of the population that will not comply with socially accepted behavior, and break the laws of society.

We can tell you this, and you will understand its practical reasoning.  However; the irrational mind of the media, those ‘gun grabbers’ and anti-gun politicians will not accept the premise that it is not the tool but the individual that is the problem.

At Saddle River Range, we support the ownership of firearms; and the rational behavior of their responsible, law abiding owners.  Come by and exercise your Second Amendment rights; sign up for a program or class to learn more about the use and operation of that piece of metal you carry on your hip.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

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