By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


We are writing this article in the third week of March.  And the latest crime reports disclose that there are fifty percent (50%) more homicides in Houston so far this year than at this time last year; and last year was a record year for homicides in Houston!

Are we still safe in our community?  Our region?  Our state?  For the most part; yes, we are still safe.  However, we all have to be proactive to maintain that safety barrier around us.

As a law abiding citizen; how do you keep yourself and your family safe from what appears to be a substantial increase in violence?

In previous posts, we’ve discussed actions and tools that can help you avoid being a victim.  Today we want to discuss the firearm as a tool in your everyday carry.

Over the last twelve months, there has been a substantial increase in the number of firearms purchased; and a substantial increase in the number of women purchasing handguns – with the stated objective of personal safety as their reason for making the purchase.

There are thousands of articles on choosing a firearm, selecting ammo and fitting a holster.  Very little addresses frame of mind, intentions and emotions while carrying a firearm.  We want to point out some of the intangible aspects of having a firearm as part of your everyday carry. 

What are your responsibilities while carrying a firearm?  In Texas, you can carry open or concealed; is there a benefit associated with one or the other?  What are your obligations to the innocent people around you?  What are your concerns for other’s opinions about guns? 

In today’s society, whether you ask or not; someone is going to express their opinion on your decision to carry a firearm – and it will not be one of appreciation for keeping them safe!  You will receive an earful on the dangers of guns, how the miss-labelled ‘assault rifle’ should be banned and how gun owners are extremist killers.

To prevent you from being targeted; by ‘the offended’ or the criminal: carry concealed.  Conceal your firearm, conceal your intentions and conceal your capabilities.  Consider if that pro-gun bumper sticker is necessary!  Such promotions have caused vehicles to be targeted for theft and vandalism.

Most importantly; you need to be ready if the increase in violence creeps into your circle and you are called upon to protect even those that might verbally accost you for being able to protect them.

Stay current on the use of your firearm; visit the range regularly.  Train in the use of your firearm in a defensive situation; take a defensive pistol class.  Protect your family from the lawlessness growing around us; be alert and prepared to take the necessary action to shield your family from crime.

At Saddle River Range; we want to help you exercise your Second Amendment rights and we want to help you prepare and train to protect the safety and security of your family.  Come by this weekend and get in some practice; you know you need it!


Stay Aware, Stay Safe,


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