Family Protector

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

For a millennium the human species has fought to survive.  Individuals would group as a family, a community, to provide the protection in numbers that only a group can provide.

While we no longer need to protect the group – the family – from a Sabre Tooth Tiger; there are threats in today’s world that demand our attention.  There are threats in this world today the demand a family protector mind set.

In the conduct of a recent presentation on safety for women, interestingly, a man showed up with his wife to participate in the discussion.  During the presentation, the man was quiet and reserved, even as the women spoke up regarding their fears, their thoughts and experiences.  After the presentation that man extended a thank you to the presenter and shared, that while he thought he knew what was needed to stay safe in today’s world and protect his family; he learned more than expected.

This article is not written specifically for men or specifically for women.  It is being penned to remind all of us that the world is not a safe place and anyone that is responsible for others needs to learn the mindset and the actions to keep themselves and those others safe.  Whether those others are family, neighbor, co-worker or innocent bystander.

Regardless of your gender, put aside the ego, accept the fact that there are risks in today’s world and think about what you need to do to protect the ones you love – your family.

The title of this piece is “The Family Protector”.  Now that could be a man in the house, it could be a woman in the house and it could be a child in the house.  There are many stories of children protecting their siblings from intruders and others that would do them harm.

But whomever that someone is, the skills do not automatically blossom when the need arrives.  The skills necessary to protect the family, must be taught, must be practiced and must be executed when the situation demands.

So where do we learn those skills?  Both of us were trained by experts in our respective careers in the government.  But most of those same skills are taught by experienced experts to the general public, if you want to learn.

The educational programs range from onsite local instructors in various disciplines to online programs to programs that are market across the country.  The courses are offered in hourly sessions, day long sessions, weekend sessions and via DVD.  The fundamentals of the programs range from hand-to-hand combat training through firearms executive protection type training.

And of course, we offer several types of “Family Protector” training at Saddle River Range.  The ”Family Protector” training that you pursue will be based on your situation, your family and the tools with which you’ll be comfortable using.

To ‘up’ your “Family Protector” game; here are a few areas to consider:

  1. Have the right mindset to acknowledge that there are threats in this world
  2. Take action, and prepare with training appropriate for you and your family
  3. Practice what you learn and stay current with those skills
  4. And if a firearm is a tool for you as a “Family Protector”; make certain that every member of your family knows its safe operation and how to use it to protect.

As we launch into this new year; be safe, be healthy, be prosperous and be a regular at Saddle River Range.

Stay Safe and Stay Alert,

© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved