Freedom and Independence

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

Last month we recognized the loss of lives and reflected on what the last twenty years has meant.

Let’s expand this thought to two hundred and fifty years ago and the lives lost in the initial fight for our freedom from tyranny and our national independence. 

In response to excess taxes and no representation on the administrative governance of our communities; we stood up to tyranny.  As a result, tyranny’s muddy boot came down hard on the people of this country who only wanted an opportunity to a decent life.

The people were abused, locked up and some murdered in the name of the “Crown”.

We took up arms to fight back; and fight back we did.  The sacrifices of those early countrymen, the citizen soldiers that left their families and volunteered were not made in vein.  Our freedom and independence comes from their sacrifices.

Our Constitution was drafted with blood.  The blood of those that fought.  The blood of those that died for the freedom and independence we currently enjoy.   It is in our culture, our DNA to stand against tyranny, totalitarianism, dictatorships, communism and socialism. 

So it pains us when we read about statements and actions on the part of certain politicians and their policy advocates to white wash the blood that has been spilled for almost two hundred and fifty years to keep our freedom and independence from tyrannical oppression.  To white wash history, rewrite the Constitution and change the culture of our society.

Democracy, even a representative democracy such as ours requires the people to be informed, and engaged in the administrative actions of our government.  When talk of eliminating, weakening or restricting the inalienable right guaranteed by the Second Amendment is tossed around by politicians; the people of this country for which they represent must stand up to those that would threaten that right, a right that supports our freedom and independence.

We do not live in a totalitarian nation. We are not governed by tyrants.  We, the people, decide our future and the fate of this nation; not the people we elect, and especially not those appointed or employed to administer the government.

So when an administration makes a statement about outlawing certain firearms and/or firearm accessories, it is our obligation to let those that we elect know that we disagree.  And if those elected do not acknowledge our interests and ignore our concerns; we remove them from representing us.  We define our nation, we determine our future and we respect those that spilled blood on our behalf.  We don’t weaken the Constitution, we don’t restrict the rights and freedoms afforded us by that Constitution.  We fought to be free of a monarchy once.  We will stand up to tyranny again, even if that tyranny is home grown!

Exercise your Constitutional rights.  Visit one of our two location (FM 1488 or Spring-Cypress).  Firearm skills are perishable. You need to practice; so come out today and keep those skills fresh. 


Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

© Copyright 2021 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved