Holiday Gift Ideas For Everyone

December, 2019
By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

We are doing something different this month; we are compiling the December blog so you firearm and bow enthusiast can share it with friends and family members as a hint for holiday gift giving ideas!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great for getting the standard red tie or green sweater.  But that’s not what’s on everyone’s wish list for this holiday season!  

If your special someone is a shooter: ammo is always on the wish list.  A box of 50 rounds in the stocking, or a case of a thousand rounds wrapped under the tree will put a smile on anyone’s face.  Arrows are always in demand for archers.

Of course we can always use a few extra magazines to load that ammo; or a new quiver for those arrows.  A new concealment holster is a thought; and the team at SRR can help you pick the right one for your special someone.

If you have a firearm and children in the house; you have to have the new touch sensor hand gun safe.  Programed specifically for you, it’s a simple touch and the firearm is in your hand ready to protect the family; and when stored, out of reach of the children.

It’s hunting season; and new gear is also a great gift idea.  From hats, to shirts and pants; all good regardless if your hunter sends brass down field or a pointy stick!  And don’t forget hunter safety courses for the new hunters on your list.

New equipment is always acceptable under the tree or in the stocking!  A new rifle, a new bow, scopes and sights, cases and bags are always appreciated.

But let’s be real.  If you don’t know the type of firearm or bow; you don’t want to get the wrong item, so consider a gift card and they can get exactly what they want and need.

Gift cards are also great for range time.  But the real deal is a membership. Want the family to spend more time together; get a family membership and plan to make several trips a month with the whole family in tow.  Passion is contagious; and soon they’ll be begging you to take them instead of you begging them to join you!

Private instruction and classes are also great gifts.  Especially for your young enthusiasts. Introduce the kids to your passion with a young shooter class; reserve now for the spring session.  For those a bit more advanced; they may enjoy Practice with a Purpose or Action Shooting. You can reserve those classes in advance. And of course, to hone those hand-eye coordination skills; a private instructor can work with your shooter to tighten patterns on the target – for bow and gun.

All that said, the most special gift of all is time spent with your loved ones.  Gather up the family and head to the range. Get a couple of lanes and have everyone shoot; then head upstairs and have fun with one of the bows you can rent if you don’t have your own.  It’s the time together that matters; and share that time doing something fun and adventurous. Hang around after for a casual meal at Café 2A.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greeting, Happy Hanukah; however you express your wishes for this time of year; enjoy it with the ones you love, doing what we all love to do – at Saddle River Range.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

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