Keep Your Guns Secure! 

Second Amendment of the Constitution

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


There is a crime trend in the greater Houston area that is directly targeting you.

In Texas, we are proud of our gun ownership and want everyone to know that we support the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  So much so, we placard our rear windows and bumpers with stickers promoting the NRA, portraying the family as various firearms, promoting our favorite firearm manufacturer and the ever popular “Protected by Smith and Wesson”. 

An unsavory element of society has determined that those stickers indicate a high probability that a firearm is inside.  As such they are targeting those vehicles; and what is surprisingly intuitive of that targeting is that those same unsavory individuals are stalking vehicle in locations where concealed carry is prohibited; hoping that the carry weapon was insecurely left inside the vehicle.

Also, just as criminals are casing banks and following money out of the bank to the next errand stop; they are also casing firing ranges and following vehicles to restaurants, bars, gyms and even employee parking lots.

It is recommended that you don’t advertise your gun ownership with the aforementioned stickers.  But if you must: understand that it puts a target on your vehicle. 

Whether you advertise or not; always SECURE your firearm!  Ideally, you want to take your firearm with you when you leave the vehicle; however, if you can’t; lock it up.  Your best strategy for securing a firearm in a vehicle is a gun safe bolted, or welded in the trunk, center console or under the front or back seat.  If you cringe at defacing your car, buy a locking cable and thread the cable through the gun and a seat frame in the vehicle.

Note: and this is important.  Get a pen and paper and write down the style, make, caliber and serial number, when purchased and where for every firearm in your possession.  If you’re not good with record keeping; snap a photo of each firearm clearly showing the serial number.  Keep that list and/or photos secure and accessible and update your inventory tracking system when you buy something new and sell something you no longer have an interest in owning.  And should the unthinkable occur; you can provide that information in the police report.  They will then have information to post to a crime data base and can watch for stolen guns when one turns up at a crime scene.

With a little planning, and a bit of effort; we can prevent our guns from ending up in the wrong hands.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

© Copyright 2020 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved