Out of Nowhere

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


One yard.  Three feet. 

In a time when social distancing is six feet; most people focus on only half that distance.  A lot of people wander about their day with their head down, staring at the phone in their hands. 

That’s not you; is it?

Walking towards the car.  Leaving the office, school, or the store; walking through a parking lot or a garage; how often do you observe someone with their head down focused on their phone?

Remember the commercial where people so focused on their phones walked into signs, walls, fountains and even traffic.  They lost their awareness; they lost sight of their surroundings.  Those obstacles come ‘out of nowhere’.

With an observational focus of less than three feet; surrounding risks disappear.  “That sign come out of nowhere”.  “I didn’t see the fountain”. 

What if that sign wasn’t a sign; but a criminal, intent on attack?

Whether in the animal kingdom, on a city street or a grocery store parking lot; a predator looks for the weakest target.  A lone wildebeest at a pond; a distracted woman in a parking lot.  Targets of opportunity for the unseen predator.  For the prey, the predator comes ‘out of nowhere’; unseen, un-observed.

Do we have your attention yet?  Awareness is a critical component of self-defense.  Knowing what is around you, helps prevent that ‘out of nowhere’ situation.

Surprise is a key element that a predator has on their side.  Loosing that element reduces the potential of the prey being targeted.  Predators are lazy, they don’t want to have to work for their prey; and will wait for another less aware victim to come along.

So, how do we remove the element of surprise from a potential attacker?  “PUT YOUR PHONE IN YOUR POCKET”!  When walking from office to car, from building to building, keep your head up and look around.  Observe what is around you.  Notice the suspicious situations nearby. 

Being aware will protect you from the ‘out of nowhere’ scenario; but what if that predator is not shaken from your awareness; or literally steps out of ‘a shadow’ you can’t see?  Do you have a plan for responding?

Having spent time in military and protection agencies; we have seen a lot of plans developed.  Plans that take into consideration a LOT of variables and a LOT of responsive actions.

We continue to develop plans today.  Plans for our future and plans for how to respond to a threat in the grocery store parking lot.  Part of that planning, is a consideration of what tools may be needed in a response to an attack.

A lot of you have a License to Carry or a Concealed Carry License; and if you don’t, think about if you should.  But having that license, and carrying that defensive firearm; may not be enough. 

There are a number of situations where, if attacked, you may not be able to access your firearm. 

Carrying a firearm in your hand is probably not an option; however, having something inconspicuous in your hand could be the tool needed to retaliate and either get away or draw your gun. 

Everyone has different preferences, but a few items to consider for that item in your hand include a small flashlight with a crowned bezel, a tactical pen, or a kuboton.

Being aware and having a plan are the key elements to your safety.  But those elements only work if you train for the possibilities.  Check out the training programs at Saddle River Range.  Courses offered include Defensive Pistol, Edge Weapons, Victim Proofing Women and more.

And of course; practice, practice, practice.  Now is a great time to come to the range and get comfortable with your firearm.

On a side note: We don’t usually suggest it; but feel free to share the link to this article with others; loved one, family, friends that you want to protect.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

© Copyright 2020 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved