By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


We have been told by the news media, which is scouring law enforcement reports that a LOT of guns have been sold in the past fifteen months.  AND, over half have been sold to women.

We want to revisit a subject we discussed a few years ago and present the material in a new light.

A woman, by herself.  Young or Old, by herself.  Distracted, by herself.  Displaying expensive cloths, purse and jewelry; by herself.

It’s not surprising that women have been the source of the majority of firearms purchased recently.  They are the primary target of violence in our world!

In an earlier article, we suggested that the world is not a bad place; let’s modify that: the world can be a dangerous place.  A clear understanding of personal protection makes the world a better place.

In our society; women are clearly thought of as the weaker sex.  Thought of, a myth that is continuing to be broken.  As a result; regardless of age, ethnicity, social standing or any other factor; women are looked upon as an easy target.

With self-protection classes like RAAD, firearms training and an increase in confidence and awareness; potential attackers may be surprised to learn that a lot of women are not going to accept the role of “easy target” – and neither should you!

At Saddle River Range, we want to continue to provide subject matter and practical training to put more women in a position to protect themselves should someone think that they may have found an easy target.

Ideally, it’s best to avoid any confrontation by having an awareness of your surroundings.  We are going to continue to promote setting aside distractions while out and about.

We have suggested the carry of a defensive tool; and the firearm that was purchased for your defense is an ideal one at that.  However; that tool only works if you get good training and practice its use.  Not just going to the range and putting holes in paper.  Take a defensive pistol class.  Learn how to draw your firearm from concealment.  Learn how to move and shoot.  Learn how to maintain a steady trigger in a dynamic environment.

You purchased a firearm for protection; which means you need to learn how to use it optimally and effectively.  I know of a person – a guy – that bought a handgun and ammo for protection.  He put the gun in a safe in the closet in the office, and put the ammo in a drawer in the kitchen.  After several months, he’d forgotten where he’d put both.  The firearm was not available to serve the purpose for which it was purchased; and he wasn’t in the proper frame of mind to use that tool if needed.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the operation of a firearm requires physical and mental training.  The training taken for self-defense with a firearm is perishable and must be freshened regularly.  Just because you have a pistol in your purse, doesn’t mean you are exempt from a violent attack.  Having the tool does not provide the protection.  Knowing the operation of the tool, training with the tool and preparing both physically and mentally for a situation is what will provide you with the protection you desire.

While the world may be dangerous; it’s not a bad place.  Don’t ignore the dangers; prepare for them.  And at Saddle River Range, we are here to help with programs and classes, as well as the protective tools that will fit your lifestyle.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

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