Responding With Deadly Force

September, 2019
By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

This past month, an individual with a license to carry a concealed firearm was convicted of murder.

As gun owners in general and License To Carry holders specifically; how does the incident at the source of the conviction impact us?  What should we learn from the events of the incident and the resulting fall out? How does that case law apply to us?  

Each month we write a short article on subject matter that we feel you should know to help you prepare for and act upon a threat posed in your direction.  Last month we discussed preparation, this month we’re going to discuss when you can legally respond with deadly force.  

Every state in the Union now offers an opportunity to gain a license to carry a firearm on your person.  Each state differs on how to access that opportunity. However, EVERY state is clear that the removal of your firearm from concealment (or holster if carrying open) is only allowed if there is a clear and present threat directed at you, or another person’s life is in jeopardy.

As LTC holders, we CANNOT act in the manner of Law Enforcement.  We CANNOT shoot at a car fleeing a shoplifting incident; we CANNOT draw our firearm and hold someone at gun point that did not initiate a threat against us; we CANNOT fire at someone that is walking away after assaulting us (and note: Brandishing (drawing a firearm with the intent to intimidate) is not allowed; and is punishable as a misdemeanor).  We CAN protect ourselves; and we CAN draw and fire if an aggressor is approaching with a weapon and we have a reasonable belief that our life is at risk.

If it’s been a while since attaining your concealed carry license, reach out to your state’s Attorney General’s Office for an updated publication on your state’s carry laws.  If you were a candidate for your LTC through a Saddle River Range provided course, log into the SRR website for an upcoming refresher course which will bring you up to speed on recent changes to the law and what you need to know to remain up to date on Texas LTC laws and responsibilities.

Understanding the rules for the application of deadly force and being able to articulate the reason for the application of deadly force could be the difference between being convicted of murder or just being responsible for the death of another while remaining alive yourself.  Although the saying goes “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”; you better be able to articulate to those 12 why you had a reasonable belief that your life was in jeopardy.

We hope that no one reading this article will ever be in a situation where deadly force is warranted; but given the events of late, it is possible that one of us may be called upon to protect ourselves or others.  

Last month we discussed the physical preparation for acting as a citizen responder; this month, we breached the discussion on mental preparation.  Stay tuned as we discuss more about mental preparation and responding to today’s criminal threat.

We want the customers of Saddle River Range, our friends and members of our community to continue to live a safe and crime free life.  But we also want you to be prepared; practically, physically and mentally. Check out this month’s class schedule and sign up for something that will challenge you and better prepare you should you need to act.  

It’s a dangerous world out there; learn what you need to know and practice your skills.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

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