By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


Let’s face it; we all have full, active lives and we don’t have time to deal with a bunch of “what ifs”.  It’s challenging enough to get through a normal day; but thinking about those “what ifs” could keep you and your family safe and secure for years to come.

The dark side of crime won’t wait until you’re ready.  Those criminals that attack your home would prefer that you are not prepared for them.  The bad guys don’t want you to be ready!

Consider this:  After a full day at work, an executive leaves the office heading to his car in the garage, looking forward to getting home to the family.  He wasn’t ready, he wasn’t prepared; he was focused on his phone.  He spent two weeks in the hospital.

A wife and mother parks her car in the drive way, grabs the groceries from the back seat and heads to the front door.  Just as she get the door unlocked and open, she is rushed by three guys that follow her home.  She wasn’t prepared, she wasn’t ready, she didn’t notice the car pull up and stop at the curb.  Although uninjured, the house was ransacked and the family never felt safe in the home again – they moved.

Whether we accept it or not; there are risks to life.  There always have been, there always will be.  It’s important for you to know how you will deal with risk.  Some risks, we can ignore as we have no ability to respond – a comet striking the earth.  Some risks are easy to address – fill up the gas tank when the indicator shows half a tank and you never risk running out of gas.

It’s the surprises that can have the worst impact on our lives.  Every Law Enforcement Professional, every safety trainer, every article on dealing with an attacker states:  “You must prepare, train and practice for an altercation; you will NOT ‘rise’ to the occasion”.  In a crisis, you will respond per your preparation and training.  If you did not prepare and train; you will NOT respond.

Do you carry a firearm for security and self-defense?  Do you plan out your actions for various situations and scenarios?  Do you train and practice based on those plans?

Being aware and having a plan will keep you safe.  But you have to train and practice.  Check out the training programs at Saddle River Range; and of course; practice, practice, practice.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

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