By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins

Everyone wants to believe they belong to a unique club, “The One Percent Club”.   Name the club, the remaining ninety-nine percent aren’t members.  They don’t have the same mind set or goals.

Today we are talking about firearms owners.  Whether you own one or multiple, rifle, pistol or shotgun.  If you read our articles, chances are you own at least one firearm.  This, however, does not mean you are part of “The One Percent Club”.

A quote from John Holschen (respected firearms instructor) outlines the mindset of “The One Percent Club”.  “Amateurs focus on equipment, Students focus on technique, Experts focus on tactics.”

What does this mean?

Most people don’t understand how firearms work and would have trouble using one.  There are videos on YouTube and other media outlets showcasing firearms operating mistakes to illustrate this point.  You might be surprised at the number of people who are terrified of firearms, don’t want them around and wouldn’t touch them if their lives depended on it, who would panic at the mere presence.

Ownership, comfort, and ability to operate a firearm safely does not automatically give membership to the club.  Membership in “The One Percent Club”, is much more involved.

There are multiple groups of responsible firearms owners.  There are folks that keep their firearms safely in a locked container, unloaded and out of reach.  This could be for the safety of their families, because not all members have the knowledge to handle weapon safely.  Maybe the owner has inherited the firearm and has not the time or personal reason to become proficient in its function. Maybe it was a spontaneous purchase and there has not been time to learn the safe operation of the firearm.  Could be there are differing opinions in the family about gun ownership and they do not want their children exposed to them.

At Saddle River Range, we have many differing types of responsible firearms owners that safely use our facility.  You may come in and shop for new and exciting equipment.  You may come in once a month and shoot for sheer enjoyment.  You may come in to add new firearms and equipment to your collection.  No matter the reason you come to see us, we thank you for your patronage.

But today we are talking about those of you who are looking for more.  Maybe you want to be a member of “The One Percent Club”.

You started your journey when you purchased your firearm and you are moving forward each time you come in to practice, hopefully several times a month.  You are pursuing your “License to Carry”, formerly the “Concealed Carry License” in the state of Texas.  Maybe you purchased your first firearm to protect yourself, your family and your property.  But no matter the reason we started on this journey, we need to understand the laws and obligations of carrying a firearm in public and respect these responsibilities.

Belonging to “The One Percent Club” carries these beliefs and responsibilities to a higher level.  A significantly higher level that encompasses discipline and commitment to the mindset that makes this club so elite.  The commitment to becoming as proficient and knowledgeable in the use of firearms as possible.

You have chosen to own firearms.  You come into Saddle River Range to practice on a monthly basis and hopefully much more often.  Now you need to find the additional training that takes you to the next level.  Sign up for a tactical training class with a professional instructor.  These classes are offered at Saddle River Range and other locations around the country.  Start small and build your skills as the means are available.  Talk to our instructors and tell them what you are looking to accomplish.  Let them guide you to quality instruction at our facility or around the country.  Set aside the time to practice these skills and challenge yourself to be better.  Start developing the mindset that will lead you to win if the “bad day” ever happens.

When you find the focus and mental attitude that will lead you to efficient use of your firearm you will be one step closer to membership in “The One Percent Club”.

Check out our website for training classes and one on one training opportunities.  Call or email our training coordinator.  Or better yet, come in to the range and ask our talented staff in person.  Most importantly, come in and practice, practice, practice.  We would love to help you on your journey to membership in “The One Percent Club”.


Learn more about training programs and firearm instruction here at Saddle River Range.  Club memberships can be found here.

Be Aware, Be Safe.

© Copyright 2019 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

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