The Second Amendment 

Second Amendment Sanctuary Zone

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary to the Security of a Free State, the Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms, Shall Not Be Infringed.                                                

We all know the phrase above.  Most of us have heard this phrase since fifth grade civics class.

Any English major will tell you that the sentence structure is poor.  And legal scholars argue whether the intent is individually oriented or collectively oriented. 

Regardless, the US Supreme Court ruled in the Heller decision that the phase, and therefore the Amendment, represents an individual right for United States Citizens to possess firearms.          

With that stage set; we now find this individual right at risk.  There are people that believe the phrase is collective and as such firearms should be restricted in their ownership and use.  And there is a lot of lobbying at the Federal and State level to limit individual firearm ownership.

In light of the “anti-gun” movement, and sweeping gun reform legislation signed into law by the Illinois Governor; the leaders of Effingham County in Southern Illinois, declared the county would not support any law that violated the county resident’s right to own firearms.  And with that act, the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement was launched.

During the last Montgomery County Commissions’ Court, our Commissioners voted on a proposal to identify Montgomery County as a designated Second Amendment Sanctuary Zone.

The concept is a take on the sanctuary cities that established local laws forbidding local law enforcement to support or collaborate with Federal Authorities on immigration enforcement.

Since 2018 when Effingham County made it’s declaration, county after county has stepped up and made similar declarations.  There are even state laws that protect the “Individual” rights of the citizens; essentially declaring the entire state as a Second Amendment Sanctuary zone.  Texas has 254 counties, and as of this writing 37 have made similar declarations; Montgomery County is the most recent county, and the largest Texas County to date, to toss its hat into the sanctuary ring.

Congratulations Montgomery County; we are now a Second Amendment Sanctuary Zone.  But what does that mean to you and me?  Basically, the adoption of the Sanctuary Zone is that the county will not expend resources to enforce gun control measures legislated on a state or federal level perceived as a violation to the individual rights afforded us by the Second Amendment.  The measure was designed to protect law-abiding citizens from an over-reaching governmental entity intent on taking away our guns.  Note the phrase “Law-Abiding”.  This measure does not impact Law Enforcement’s efforts to fight criminal elements and the illegal use of firearms.

Is this just posturing; or will this make us safer?  Throughout history, bad leaders have used judicial retaliation to remove opposition.  Our forefathers recognized this and established protections for the citizenry.  The freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble and the freedom to be able to fight tyranny with more than just stones.  This adoption as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County does protect us from an oppressive government.  It also protects us from internal fractions intent on taking away our firearms (irrespective of their motives).  And it allows us to have an equalizer when the bad guys point a gun at you. 

It’s not just posturing, it is a statement that the county is our county.  It represents our interests and the county leaders want us to remain free and safe. 

However; that freedom, and that safety demand a responsible citizenry.  So; whether you’re a hunter, a self-defense advocate or just someone that likes to make holes in paper with bang noises: or even if you’re not a shooter; it’s still your right: and it needs to be exercised and protected.  Come visit us, learn how to shoot, enjoy the fun we all experience and exercise your individually oriented Second Amendment Rights at Saddle River Range.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

© Copyright 2020 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

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