Welcome New Gun Owners, and Current Gun Owners

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


It is the month of May.  We are now looking back on six weeks or more in a remote worksite situation; sometimes referred to as “house arrest”!

This COVID19 pandemic has created a social and economic crisis around the world, in our country and in our neighborhoods.  We are all a little on edge.  As a result, people are thinking more about personal and family safety and security.  That thinking is resulting in people purchasing their first firearm, and importantly, being added to our mailing list.

Firearm sales are up 80% from a year ago; and for those who are new to gun ownership; Congratulations and welcome to OUR world.

You should know, there is no secret handshake, no special allegiance beyond our allegiance to flag and country.  We are average people that go to work every day just as you do; we just choose to be armed when practical and also enjoy shooting guns on the range.

But this article is not just for new gun owners, it’s also for all of you that have been firearm owners for a while.

For all gun owners, new and old alike; let’s run through some safety considerations and refresh our responsibilities as gun owners.

The Primary Safety Rules of Firearm Safety are:  First: Always, Always; handle a firearm as if the firearm is loaded and chambered.  Second: DO NOT point a firearm at something you don’t want to destroy.  Third: Look at what is down range, around and behind your target.  Forth: Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

  1. Is everyone comfortable with these safety precautions? Yes; we know there are more; the rest are an extension of these four.  KNOW and ACT according to these four rules and you’ll be good to go.

Now.  Let’s go through some responsibilities you have as a gun owner; regardless of whether this is your first gun or your 100th.

If you have children or other individuals in your home that are NOT responsible, or mature enough to be around a firearm; buy a safe and lock it up.  Lock up the ammo as well.  Secure the safe buy bolting it down or with a security cable to prevent it from up and walking off.

Next, sign up for a firearm safety class.  And for those of you reading this article that have had firearms for a few decades; sign up for a renewal.  You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet at a firearms safety class.

After the safety class let’s get on the range with an instructor.  If you have prior experience with firearms, sign up for a group class.  If this is your first rodeo, or you prefer one-on-one instruction; enlist a private instructor to walk you through getting familiar, or re-familiar, with your firearm.  We also recommend that you have everyone in the house older than ten years old attend both the safety class and the range class.

Whether you purchased your firearm for safety or hobby; the joy and excitement of knocking over cans, putting holes in paper or hitting steel plates is special.  That experience, guided by an instructor will hone your skills.  If you’d taken up golf, you’d want to lower your handicap.  As a shooter, you want to tighten your group.

It doesn’t happen without practice; so practice with a purpose.  Don’t just go to the range and make ‘bang’ noises; have an instructor challenge you – challenge yourself.  And if you purchased your firearm for protection, continue your training to get your License to Carry and then sign up for a tactical class.  If you are going to be responsible for you and your family’s safety; learn from experts on how to do just that.

And of course; you can do all that and more at Saddle River Range.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

© Copyright 2020 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved