What Makes This Nation Great?

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


If you have ever spent time in a foreign country, you know that we have a great environment here in the United States.  No we are not perfect; and never will be – we’re human!

In most parts of the world, opportunities are limited for employment, lifestyle and cultural freedom.  And in some places the people are oppressed by a totalitarian regime.

The Constitution of The United States establishes a contract between the citizens of this nation and the administrators responsible for governing the nation’s obligations and responsibilities.  It guarantees that the freedoms granted each citizen as a right of birth and naturalization will not be violated.

In and of itself, that alone is enough to say that we have it good in the United States.  But there is more.  It’s the character of our citizenry that takes our good fortune to a level of greatness.

That character is what makes “Houston Strong”.  It’s what supports “Don’t Mess with Texas”.  That character is what brings out volunteers to sacrifice their time and expend their resources to come to the rescue of their neighbors; whether those neighbors are down the street, in the next state or on the other side of the country.

A moral character that compels individuals to stop and help a stranger, to pay the tab for a homeless veteran, to give of themselves for others.

This country is not paradise, there are bad people living in the United States; and of late, they have gotten most of the media attention. 

But let’s be real; in no other land are the citizens afforded the freedoms and opportunities available in the United States.  And what upholds that Constitutional contract is the moral code, the character the individual.  There are many in this land that have sworn an oath to serve in a capacity to uphold that contract; and that oath is never retracted!

We define this individual moral code as someone that acts responsibly in any situation, is selfless with their time and money, is aware of their surroundings and considerate of other’s circumstances.  Someone that is caring, and concerned.  They do all this even if no one is watching!

These individuals; that act responsibly, complying with the ethical guidelines of social and cultural convention, are what make this nation great.  They make us all strong, they compel us all to over-achieve, and they lead us as a nation to greatness.

These individuals are the patriots and heroes of our nation.  That patriotism lives in the hearts of our first responders, our medical professionals, the essential workers that keep the lights on and food on the grocery store shelves; and of course our military that serve around the world to protect the less fortunate from the bullies of the world.

You don’t have to wear a flag on your shoulder to be a patriot and contribute to the greatness of this nation.  You only have to care.

Start by caring enough to responsibly protect your family.  Refresh your firearm safety skills, take a class and see what you’ve forgotten – or maybe never learned.  Invite a neighbor or friend to visit the range with you and share you respect for our great nation by sharing your time with others.

There is an election coming up.  We are not going to take sides; but we are going to encourage you to educate yourself on the various platforms and do your part in making this nation great – VOTE.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe,


© Copyright 2020 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved