A Discussion on Crime

In two recent conversations the subject of personal safety in Texas came up.  In both, there was a consensus of concern regarding the increased number of criminal activities and the escalation of violence with those activities.

In one of those conversation, the woman stated that she will NOT go to certain places/areas around Houston.  And even as a real estate agent, she is hesitant to show a home solo if the potential buyer is not already known.

Life has, and always will be dynamic!  There are no guarantees, no promises and everything is subject to change.  We are witnessing that change in today’s society.

We could go into a long dissertation on how and why crime is escalating; but why.  We just need to know that IT IS; and make some adjustments in how we deal with that increase.

While we don’t suggest isolation inside a secure compound; there are actions that you can take to protect yourself and your family.

Recognize that life has some risks and threats.  Once that fact is accepted; dealing with risks and threats is only about some planning and preparation.

It has been stated in the past that personal safety is based on layering.  And everyone has their own determination on how many layers are acceptable for them. 

Those layers start with behavior acceptable to society, the foundation of our rules.  We then add a cultural layer of morals and ethics.  The next layer is the various divisions of law enforcement; local, state and federal agencies.  Add to that private security employed by some communities and neighborhoods.  We finally get to the personal layers; dead bolts on the home, home security systems and their monitoring and your own personal actions.  Those personal actions might include personal mental state, personal defense classes and specialized training in non-fatal and fatal tools.

Wrap as many layers as you think necessary for the safety and security of your family around your family.  If that last layer includes tools of choice that are fatal when used; make a trip to Saddle River Range to gain the skills you’ll need to provide that layer of protection; and keep coming back to Saddle River Range to maintain those skills.  Those skills are perishable and practice is necessary to maintain that layer of safety wrapped around the family. 

There are new classes on the calendar.  You might want to sign up for one of two; or even sign up the members of your family so they will have the same skills if needed.

For an initial introduction, there is the “Essential Handgun” class.  Need a little more training for your preparation layering, how about “Defensive Shooting”?  And to advance your skills a bit more; “Downrange Challenge” adds a more realistic perspective to the use of a firearm in a violent criminal encounter.

If you have not participated in these classes; you really should switch your mobile phone from email mode to phone mode and call us.  Reserve your attendance in the next upcoming class.

Remember; it’s all about the layers.  More layers is good, fewer layers increases the potential threat.

Thank you for being a member of our community at Saddle River Range soon.  Come by and say hello.  Bring your firearm and get in a little practice while the kids are still in school and you have a few moments of free time.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch




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