Saddle River Rangers

Shooting League

Shooting League

Saddle River Shooting League is an action pistol shooting league with rules based on two of the best rule books in the industry. 

We use standard targets as well as electronic scoring methods. A match will consist of typically two to four separate courses of fire, requiring the shooters to engage targets safely from both static and mobile positions. The shooter’s score will be determined by combining accuracy and speed percentage per stage.

Our Shooting league attracts shooters from every walk of life: male, female, young, and old, those with law enforcement and military experience, as well as seasoned and new shooters.


  • At least 50 – 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Four magazines (more for single stacks) RECOMMENDED 
  • Durable holster that does not require the trigger finger to disengage
  • Handgun of any caliber (.22lr may be used, but will be in their own competition class)

Matches will be held once a month on the last Sunday evening, beginning with check in between 5:30 – 6:00pm with the first shot down range at 6:30pm. Matches should last between 2 – 3 hours depending on the length of the courses of fire and number of competitors. Please check Practiscore for scheduled dates.

Registration will open for matches two weeks prior to the match date on Practiscore allowing for shooters to sign up to guarantee a spot in the match. No walk-ins will be allowed.

Saddle River Shooting League enrollment fees!

  • Silver & Non-Members – $25.00
  • Gold Members – $15.00
  • Club Crockett Members – $10.00
  • Enrollment fees will be collected during check-in at the range counter at Saddle River Range the day of each match.