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“All of the staff are fantastic and I certainly look forward to using these guys regularly and frequently! As an Air Force veteran who hasn’t shot in over 23 years, it was absolutely refreshing to get a “crash course” on handling and picking the right weapon for me.

And ladies, they are super awesome at helping you! They make everyone feel comfortable in a relaxed, friendly, and superb customer service environment! They spent as much time with my wife as they did me, walking her through the selection, helping her understand the operation and have some phenomenal classes or one-on-one service they can provide!”

– M.H.

“My boyfriend and I absolutely love this place! They are very knowledgeable. Even during our range practice Jonathan came out and showed us how to properly hold our guns in order to improve our shot! We truly believe that they have the nicest indoor range in the Houston area. The pricing was very reasonable as well. We will definitely be going back!”
– Mari
“Very clean, well run facility. Staff is very professional and friendly. Everyone is helpful without being pushy. Very patient with newbies! Great fun on the range and also had a lesson and took LTC class. Excellent experience. Josh, Vang, Kayla, Brian, John are all examples of outstanding customer service. Thanks!”
– Dave

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I’ve been a member here since they’ve opened and I’ve never had a bad experience. A lot of them have been there since day 1. Laurie is VERY sweet and personable each and every time we see her!! Some other folks (whose name I can’t recall) are super knowledgeable and always friendly every time we come in! No reason to shoot anywhere else!!”


⊕  Over 2,000 Engaged Members

⊕  4 High-Tech Gun Ranges

⊕  2 Next Generation Archery Ranges

⊕  Live Action Simulator

⊕ Wall-to-wall display of the latest gear, guns, bows, and accessories

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We are conveniently located on FM 1488 just a few minutes west of I-45.


Enjoy range time, immersive classes, and an active community.


Access perks, a community lounge, deals, special events and more.


A Gun Store With Everything You Need

We carry Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Walther, H&K, Ruger, Berretta, Browning, Wilson Combat, Kimber, G2 Precision, F1 and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can point you towards your gun of choice, or help you discover something new. Want something unique? Our expert Gunsmiths can custom build a firearm to match your needs.

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