Veterans Day – The Heroes Next Door 

Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday observed annually on November 11th.  The day honors military veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  And to be clear; the Veterans Administration refrains from using an apostrophe, as the day is not possessive of Veterans but for the recognition of veterans.

President Woodrow Wilson, on November 11, 1919, reflected on that day – the anniversary of the end of WWI – recognizing the first celebration of “Armistice Day” and honoring those that offered the greatest sacrifice of war.

In 1938, Congress passed a law proclaiming November 11 as a National Holiday.

Raymond Weeks, a military veteran, led a delegation in 1945 to General Eisenhower to expand November 11th from a day reflecting on those military personnel that lost their lives in WWI to a day of recognition for all those that had served in the United States Armed Forces.  The idea was well received; and “Veterans Day” was established.

The first recognition of “Veterans Day” was November 11th, 1947.  And November 11th has been set aside since, to not only reflect on those service members that offered the greatest sacrifice; but to honor all service members and the sacrifices they made to protect the freedom and liberties of the citizens of the United States.

There are many veterans – silent heroes – in our community.  They will not boast of their service.  They are reluctant to share their experiences.  But they served.  Some saw combat, some filed papers.  Some with medical training saved lives, some in leadership roles wrote letters to the loved ones of those that offered the greatest sacrifice.  Some flew aircraft, some made sure that all could communicate.  Some built bridges, some made sure they all had food to eat.  They ALL served.  And no job was more or less important than any other.

You may see a license plate on a vehicle driving through the community or in a parking lot that has a branch of service displayed or with the letters DV in the numbering (DV is a designation denoting a Disabled Veteran of the United States Armed Forces).  This Veterans Day and for the month of November; take an extra minute and extend a word of gratitude to a veteran.  Let them know that you appreciate the liberties and freedoms they protected in the performance of their service.

For those reading this that served, thank you.  Your contribution to the safety and security of this nation and our community is greatly appreciated.


By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

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