FAQ & Rules
Range rules
  1. Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded at all times.
  2. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy. Firearms must remain pointed downrange at all times.
  3. Always keep your finger straight and off the trigger until your sights are on target and you are ready to fire.
  4. Always be aware of your targets foreground and background.
  5. No person is allowed inside the shooting bays unless they have a signed waiver of liability on file and have watched the range safety video.
  6. Eye and Ear protection must be in place before entering the shooting bays and must remain in place until you exit the bay.
  7. No reloaded ammunition.
  8. While hollow point ammunition is acceptable; armor piercing, incendiary, tracer, or steel core ammunition is not permitted.  For Shotguns, only slugs may be fired.  No bird or buck shot is permitted.
  9. When sharing a firearm with another person do not pass firearms from one lane to another, leave the firearms on the bench and have the shooters switch lanes.
  10. No hand to hand transfers of firearms. Set it down on the bench and let the other person pick it
  11. If the firearm malfunctions set it down on the bench and notify an RSO who will come assist.  Do not leave the firing line with a firearm that has not been cleared and made safe.
  12. All negligent discharges or property damage must be reported to SRR staff immediately.
  13. In case of an emergency, the command of “cease fire” will be called.  Immediately place firearms down on the bench and stand against the back wall with hands empty.
  14. Stay behind the shooting bench at all times.  Do not move or reach forward of the shooting bench.  Do not extend arms past the shooting lane dividers.
  15. Only SRR approved paper or cardboard targets may be used on the range.
  16. There is no food or drink of any kind allowed in the shooting bays.
  17. All firearms must be cased or holstered before leaving the firing line.
  18. No black powder or muzzle loader firearms allowed.
  19. If you are renting a firearm from us then you may only use ammunition you purchased from us in that firearm.  No personal ammunition or reloads may be used in rental firearms.
  20. You must be 21 to rent or fire fully auto firearms.  If you are between the ages of 18-21, you can rent long guns and ammunition but must furnish your own handgun and ammunition. Young shooters (ages 10-17 years of age) are ONLY allowed on the range with their parent or legal guardian.
  21. You may only shoot one firearm at a time.  No “duel wielding”.
  22. You must be 21 to purchase, sell, rent, or loan a handgun or ammunition per Federal law.
  23. You must be 21 to rent or fire fully auto firearms.
  24. Only SRR personnel may collect brass or spent shell casings from the range floor. Casings from revolvers, bolt action, or single shot firearms may be collected from the chamber or cylinder. Brass catching devices are allowed to be affixed to the firearm.
  25. Up too, but not including .50 BMG may be fired on our range.

*All range rules are subject to change without notice.

Are masks required?

Masks are not required but encouraged.  We also ask that everyone maintain a safe distance between other customers and staff.

Can I shoot if I am pregnant?
Sorry, for health reasons and at the advice of our SRR medical professionals, we do not allow ladies who are pregnant onto the range. We recommend that pregnant women continue their training on the Simulator system until the birth of our future Saddle River Ranger!
Do you have a Ladies Night?
No, we do not have a ladies night at Saddle River…… we have an entire LADIES DAY!  Non-member ladies may use the range for ½ price.  In addition, unless there is a wait, there are no time limits. Ladies who are SRR members are entitled to a free handgun rental.  Lady Members who bring a non-member, are entitled to a second free handgun rental.

Is the range wheelchair accessible?
Yes, please speak with the staff when checking in or making a lane reservation

Am I allowed to take photos or videos while on the range?
For safety reasons we only allow photography or video recording by guests on a case by case basis.  If you would like a photo/video please ask one of the RSOs for assistance.

Do you have a dress code?
We want all of our guests to dress comfortably, but any clothing that creates a hazard, dangerous distraction or causes offense to other guests and/or staff is strictly prohibited at Saddle River Range. This includes baggy pants and clothing with offensive writing or images. Tennis shoes or other close-toed shoes are recommended on the shooting range as is a properly (forward) facing billed (ball) cap.  We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone dressed in a manner deemed inappropriate or offensive by SRR staff.

I would like to bring my child and their friend. What do I need to do?
Please download the attached form HERE. This form will need to be completed and signed by the minor’s parents and brought with you to the range.

Are children allowed on the range?

Yes, children 10 years of age or older are permitted on the range as long as they can demonstrate safe handling of the firearm and are accompanied and closely monitored by their parent or legal guardian.  For the comfortable enjoyment and safety of all, children MUST be within “arm’s reach” of the accompanying adult at ALL times while on Saddle River property and not just on the firing ranges.  Our goal is to make Saddle River the most family friendly firearms and archery range in the Country.  With this lofty goal and commitment comes responsibility from both parents and our youth alike.  Our Saddle River staff reserves the right to ask anyone to leave for not adhering to all safety procedures or not following the arms reach rule.

Do you sell or provide eye and ear protection?

For health reasons, we no longer rent eye and ear protection.  However, we do have them available at each register for purchase.

What if I have never shot a firearm before?
We recommend all first time shooters take a formal training class.  However, you do not need prior instruction in order to shoot at our range. For the safety and comfort of all Saddle River members and guests, we require all shooters watch a safety video and fill out a standard waiver BEFORE using our facilities. We offer private instruction and a wide variety of classes for all shooters; from first time to experienced.
Can I draw from the holster on the range?
Yes, we do allow holster draw for members after they have been certified by a Saddle River Range instructor.  Ask about our Holster Draw certification class.
Can I use my own targets?
Yes, while we do provide a target with every paid range fee (Gold Members receive two, Club Crockett Members receive 4), you are welcome to bring your own targets as long as they are full size, made out of paper and are tastefully depicted. No targets depicting political figures, specific people, etc. will be allowed.  The Range Safety Officers reserve the right to prohibit targets that are deemed to be offensive or unsafe and will insure that the appropriately sized target is placed at eye level.
Can I pick up my brass?
No. For the safety and comfort of all Saddle River members and guests, we can not allow the collection of brass on a hot range. The RSOs will be responsible for policing all brass on the range.
Can I shoot my own ammo?
Yes, you can shoot your own ammo unless you are using a Saddle River Range owned gun (rental).  We do not allow reloaded ammunition of any kind. We also do not allow any armor piercing or tracer/incendiary ammunition of any kind.  For safety reasons and to avoid damage to range equipment, all ammunition will be inspected prior to entering range.
Can I shoot full auto on the range?
 Yes, but you must present the proper documentation (bring a copy of your tax stamp) and complete a brief certification prior to moving the selector switch to “full auto”.  SRR  Range Safety Officers may limit this due to safety concerns or when the range is very busy. In addition, we rent a variety of full autos as well.  You must be 21 years of age or older and must use SRR ammo in SRR rental guns.
Can I shoot muzzleloaders?
Sorry, due to fire hazard and safety concerns we do not allow muzzleloaders on the range.
Can I shoot rifles and shotguns?
Yes, we allow rifles under .50 caliber. Shotguns are allowed provided they have a complete stock and not just a pistol grip stock and the shells must be rifled slug.  For safety reasons and to avoid damage to range equipment, all ammunition will be inspected prior to entering range.
Do I need my own gun to shoot on the range?
No, in fact you are welcome to rent and experience any of our rental fleet which includes a plethora of handguns, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and fully-automatic rifles. All shooters must be able to demonstrate proficiency to rent a firearm.
Do I need an I.D. to shoot? what if I am from a different state or country?
 Yes, you must have a valid (government issued) photo I.D. or Saddle River Range Membership Card in order to enter the range.
Is there a time limit on the range?
The range fee is based on per shooter per hour (Additional shooters on a shared lane offered at a discounted rate).  However, if there is not a wait, the one hour time can be adjusted at the discretion of Saddle River Range staff.
How do reservations work?

Only Members may reserve shooting lanes. We cannot reserve lanes for non-members or guests of members. Each member may reserve only one lane, however, if space is available we are happy to issue separate lanes at the time of check in. Lane reservations will be held for 15 minutes but the hour time limit (if applicable) will begin at the time of the reservation. If the reservation is not filled within that time frame, it will be released. Reserving specific lanes or adjacent lanes is a request we will accommodate when possible – however it is not guaranteed. Reservations are subject to availability based on membership level and are on a first come first serve basis.