3D Archery

First Monday of the Month @ 5pm

3D Archery

How It Works:

We have 10 targets that will be randomly placed on our 25-yd range. Set at various angles and distances we will be able make it challenging and fun. Shooters will be assigned a lane to start on and then work their way, in order, through the course. Each lane will be numbered and each target will be numbered. Simply shoot the target that matches your lane. Targets 1-10 will score the “low 12” and targets 11-20 will score the “high 12”.

Play for Cash: 

You will also have the option for an additional fee of $10 (cash only) for those who wish to shoot for cash. The cash payout will be a 100% pay back! First place gets 50% of purse. Second, third etc will be paid off by percentages based on number of entries.