Pistol Brace Ruling

While we are learning and gathering information to better understand this new rule we have assembled some information to help you get educated too. Please review the resources below. 



Who is affected by this rule?

    • Unlicensed Possessors
    • Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) not under the NFA as a Class One Importer or Class Two Manufacturer SOT
    • FFL Importers or Manufacturers under the GCA that ARE qualified  under the NFA Class One Importer or Class Two Manufacturer SOT
    • Certain Governmental Entities

ATF Contact Information:

We have provided the following contact information from the ATF website for your convenience

  • For questions regarding the application of the final rule, contact the Firearms Industry Programs Branch at Firearms Industry Programs Branch via email at
  • For technical questions regarding firearms, contact the Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division at
  • For questions regarding the rulemaking process, contact the Office of Regulatory Affairs at
  • To register for an eForms account and/or submit an eForm 1 pursuant to ATF Final Rule 2021R-08F, please visit


The Fight Isn’t Over!

Follow the link below to read what Gun Owners Of America is doing to protect your rights and how you can get involved!