Lane Reservations

Reserving your lane is easy! It’s one of the many benefits that our members have here at Saddle River Range.
(Pictured here is our Private Club Crockett Range)

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Come on in!
Although our members get priority lane reservations, we have now made it possible for non-members to reserve lanes over the phone. (936) 271-2620



Reserve your favorite lane up to a week in advance on desktop only. 

Simple Steps

1. If you haven’t registered your membership yet with Range Works, click “validate your membership” below and enter your membership identification number located on the back of your membership card. If you don’t have that handy and you have your email address on file, use that!

2. Once the system has verified your membership information, enter all the required information into the fields. Be sure to tell your browser to remember your information so the next time it is even faster!

3. Find your favorite lane and reserve it up to a week in advance.

4. When you arrive, proceed to the Range counter and be checked in for your lane.

Range Lane Availability

Range Lane Availability

Club Members that book a lane online receive the highest priority and receive the first available lane upon their arrival at the Range.