Heart Month

February 2024. 

The month of February is filled with all sorts of fun and opportunity.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is ushered in with the Year of The Dragon.  Babies born in the Year of The Dragon are considered to be lucky with desirable characteristics.

February is also the American Heart Association’s “Heart Month”; a month to focus on heart health and saving lives with CPR.

This particular February we have an extra day.  It’s a leap year and February has 29 days, not 28.

And of course, February fourteenth is Valentine’s Day.  Originally known as a day of feasting on behalf of a martyr named Valintine, the day has become a significant celebration among many cultures honoring romance and love.

Last month we suggested that you block out the 29th and reserve it for a day at the range.  However: being the month of romance, you may want to consider sharing your day at the range with someone special.

Consider a night out with your special someone.  Valentine’s Day is a Wednesday; enjoy an evening out.  Then plan to participate in our “Cupid on a Budget Special” either Friday or Saturday – or both days if you need more couple time.  Keep the romance alive a little longer!  By the way: the “Cupid on a Budget Special” includes an hour of range time, 2 sandwiches, 2 sides and 2 drinks.  (Check out the details and pricing on our website.)

If your significant other is new to firearms, schedule an instructor to provide foundational skills.  It’s best for someone else to do the teaching and you remain the romantic icon!

And if your significant other is as enthusiastic as you; sign up for an advanced firearms class and share the fun.

But what if she’s (or he’s) not into firearms; consider a lesson in archery.  It’s a date night; only your making bang noises and they are hurling arrows down wind.  Both of you will have fun and enjoy your “date night at the range” with different activities.

See you at Saddle River Range.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,


By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


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