Hollywood vs. Real World

If you are a firearms enthusiast, you’ve seen gun action scenes on TV and at the movies.

If you think about those scenes any longer than the seconds they take up in life; you probably wonder if something like that could really happen.

We are going to address the myths that have some level of acceptability; but may not be realistic. 

For full disclosure; we are firearms enthusiast and we ‘like’ shooting, we have our License to Carry and we ‘carry’.  We want to shed light on gun myths that could get you hurt; or worse, killed if you think real life and Hollywood are the same.

Scientific research has proven that in order to master a task, ten thousand hours of practice are required.  Golfers, quarterbacks, and Olympic athletes don’t get to their level of accomplishment without practice; and still, their efforts are not executed to perfection. 

We mention this as a foundation for performance. 

Take the following scenario:  On your way home from a long day at work, it’s getting dark and you were asked to stop at the store for milk.  On the way out of the store, a scruffy looking guy in a hoodie; steps in front of you just as you get to your car with a handgun pressed against your side.  If we imply a Hollywood myth response, we drop the milk, reach around with our non-dominant hand to raise our shirt and reach with our dominant hand for our gun to draw, aim and fire.  How much time would that take in comparison to him just pulling the trigger?  Sure, you might gain a small advantage of time if he’s looking around, or distracted; but as soon as you move, he fires.  Yet, we’ve seen such portrayals in some of the work that is produced to entertain.

We’re not going to say you can’t achieve the results you want; but have you practiced that scenario?  Have you even thought about such a scenario? 

Remember ten thousand hours to master a task.  However, you have to contemplate the situation in order to play out a response; and then practice.  And ten thousand hours of practice for a five second response means A LOT of PRACTICE!

If the last time you shot your carry gun was at qualification, practice is lacking.  Even if you visit the range weekly (which, by the way, we recommend), are you practicing drawing from concealment in a timed exercise? 

If you want to experience real world execution and begin to get some of those hours of practice under your belt; sign up for a training class.  Several are oriented around defensive firearm tactics: Defensive Shooting and Tactical Carry are on the calendar and taking reservations.  Alternatively, hire an instructor that will work with you one-on-one to hone those defensive shooting skills.  And keep practicing.

Come visit us, learn how to shoot, enjoy the fun we all experience; and exercise your individually oriented Second Amendment Rights at Saddle River Range.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,


By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

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