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Our Gunsmith department is here to meet our patrons needs when it comes to everything from custom built AR-15’s, tuned 1911’s, one of a kind Cerakote jobs, to fixing Great Grandpa’s 1938 Smith & Wesson revolver. We have the tools, machines, and experience to provide you with the best full service Gunsmith in the Woodlands/Conroe area.

Just picked up a new pistol and need new sights?

Drop it off at the counter and grab a cup of coffee at Cafe 2A.

Our services include:


Basic maintenance instruction


Sight install


Trigger jobs (limited platforms)


Optic Install & Bore-sighting


Troubleshooting firearm malfunctions


Glock frame reduction, stippling


Custom built AR-15’s


Cleaning services

Saddle River Range Gunsmiths

Jeremiah Pratt


Growing up in Michigan, Jeremiah spent many years enjoying the outdoors and most of those days involved firearms. Whether he was sighting in a rifle, practicing handgun fundamentals, shooting clays, or hunting that big whitetail buck, he knew one thing: Firearms were his passion and he wanted them to be his career one way or another.

While attending college for Mechanical Engineering he heard about the Colorado School of Trades and their ability to produce some of the finest Gunsmiths in America. The decision was simple, he left Michigan and pursued his dreams. At CST he excelled in the machine shop and specialized in 1911 building. After graduating from CST he was offered a job with Fortress Arms in Texas as a Gunsmith and custom 1911 builder where he spent 5 years perfecting his trade, grew the company, and built up a reputation in the community. He now joins Saddle River Range bringing a modern take on the Gunsmithing world specializing in custom 1911’s, Precision Boltguns, Glock grip work, slide cuts and Cerakote. 

Brian Meidal


Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in Colorado, Brian’s first experience with firearms was his father’s old Daisy Ryder BB gun. Later on in childhood, his experience continued with the Boy Scouts of America at summer camp.

He graduated with an Associates degree in gunsmithing from Colorado School of Trades, and worked his way up to the head gunsmith at Gunsmoke Guns. During his time there, he also starred as the head gunsmith on Discovery Channel’s American Guns TV show. Brian has a wide variety of gunsmithing experience working on thousands of different firearms and has worked in different shops from Texas to Alaska handling a wide range of issues, from simple cleaning and repairs to full custom builds.

He has received firearms training from 2 of the 6 master instructors of the late Colonel Jeff Cooper, Rich Wyatt and Tom Russell. His obsessions and hobbies include hot rods, motorcycles, guns, knives, cigars and strong coffee.


I recently bought a rifle that hadn’t been shot since the previous owner got it 20+ years ago. I wanted to get it checked out by a gunsmith just to be sure it was safe for me to shoot. After contacting many different gunsmiths and getting no reply, I decided to visit Saddle River Range. The gunsmith took my rifle apart right if front of me, checking to make sure every little thing was in good condition. He even shot it to make sure everything functioned properly. I was in and out of the range within fifteen minutes. I couldn’t have asked for better service. I will definitely be back.
– Carolyn

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We perform Gunsmithing services and provide support for every type of firearm, regardless of manufacturer. Our highly skilled support team takes great pride in performing this art and we offer an extensive range of services to keep you in the field or on the firing line.

We are bred from the worlds of Bullseye, International/Olympic, Combat/Tactical and IDPA/IPSC pistol shooting disciplines. High power rifle, long range and tactical ‘long gun’ engagement are also our fortes and we have plenty of expertise and experience in Skeet, Trap and plain ole’ ‘beer can’ shooting. We are hunters and simple aficionados – we are you.

We have decades of experience in military and commercial, old and new firearms, simple and complex machining and metallurgy.

We can’t list everything we do so phone, email, or better yet, come see us! You can also fill out the contact form here, with all of your information, and one of our highly trained gunsmiths will contact you soon with your information. Lets talk about how we can help you.

Gunsmith Services of Saddle River Range is growing, but its ebb and flow are based on its customers. So drop us a line and let us know how we’ve helped you or even how we’ve failed, so we can make it right and keep improving.

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