What Would You Do?

Consider for a moment that the security of the United States is breached.

We don’t know if it’s a foreign invader or a homegrown terrorist group living amongst us.  It could be the collapse of our infrastructure.  Bridges, power, water, internet and/or communications.  And it could be a result of an aging infrastructure or a breach from an external attack!

Irrespective of why; society is falling apart around you.  What Would You Do?

First, let’s squelch the conspiracy theories.  It doesn’t really matter.  We are currently at risk of some type of “unrest”.

We have seen glimpses of what could happen given that unrest.  Shortages on the shelves due to a COVID lockdown.  Protestors in the streets following police actions.  Mobs attacking retail outlets, just because!

And of course, everyone remembers January 6th.  While that incident was isolated; could it have expanded with a little bit of fuel and spark?

As a reminder, in seven months the catalyst for a repeat of January 6th; may be sparked!

Are you ready?

Let’s be clear; we are not recommending, suggesting or encouraging unlawful civic violence.  However; we do believe that should civil unrest erupt; law abiding citizen have a right and responsibility to protect themselves, their property and the innocent people around them.

That protection includes provisions.

While we are not “preppers”; and we are not suggesting hoarding supplies.  If you prepare a Hurricane Kit; you have the foundation for the necessary supplies you should accumulate if – and that’s a big “IF” – should social unrest erupt near you.

Talk with any supply Seargent in the military and they will refer to “beans and bullets”.  What would it take for you to hole up at home for a week, two weeks; while rioters take to the streets in Houston?  Water, food, heating, cooling, communications and protection.

Every individual, every family, every neighborhood will have a different type of exposure and a different type of preparatory need. Only you will know what you need and how you prepare.  It’s the planning that’s crucial.  A very famous General once said “You plan for your actions, but as soon as the first round goes down range, the plan is obsolete.”

It’s the planning that’s important, not necessarily the plan itself.  You have to plan to have an understanding of what might occur and how you address the various possible events.

At Saddle River Range; we have prepared a series of five-minute videos to give you a heads up of what is happening around the world, and what could happen on our own front lawn.  Each of the videos in the series is providing a background and a hint to what you may want to consider as you organize your planning.

We recommend that you don’t go through this alone.  There is a neighbor that is thinking about the same things you’re thinking about.  They may not have the resources you have here at Saddle River Range.  Reach out, talk, introduce.  And keep your family in the loop of your planning.  They need to know what, when and how if you’re not at home when it all starts.

And of course, we have to protect ourselves.  Defensive shooting is a perishable skill.  If you have not been to the range yet this year; what are you waiting for?  Grab your bag and your neighbor and come visit.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved