Executive Protection for the Average Family 

Keeping the Captains of Industry safe and secure requires strategy, tactics, attitude, and money. Lots of money.

Read through an annual report for a publicly traded company and you’ll find listed in one of the expense lines, the cost of executive security. And the cost of keeping some executives safe is high.

So, ask yourself; does that CEO of a publicly traded company demand more security measures than you and your family? Are you exposed to the same risk heading to and from work? What about trips to the store? And how about your family; are they exposed to potential risks?

We can say for certain that everyone is exposed to potential threats.

Money spent on executives typically goes towards “gates, guns and guards”. Can you borrow from the executive protection experts to protect your family?

Consider that for the next month, not only are you and your family preparing for the holidays; so are the criminal elements of society. While most of us are joyously about spreading goodwill, some will be trying to take what is not theirs. If protection is warranted for some, it’s needed for you as well.

As guests visit, and as new stuff is accumulated under the tree, it is important to protect your family as they shop for the holidays.

Electronic surveillance.  Over $30 Billion dollars is spent annually on professionally installed cameras, sensors and monitoring. 

Motion sensing lights and cameras not only provide recordings of uninvited individuals, they can also act as a deterrent. Most bad civilians will avoid a residence if they see cameras and will most certainly retreat if the perimeter is illuminated by security lighting.

But if the bad civilian were to get into the house, security sensors on the doors and windows would alert the homeowner should a door or window be breached.

And having a third party monitoring those perimeter sensors that can dispatch law enforcement adds to the layers of security protection for not just the executive; but for you and your family.

Training.  The professionals that protect the executives mentioned above train. They train in protecting their charge in an unsecure environment, they train in extracting their charge in a troubling situation, and they train with their firearms on defending their charge if they are attacked. You may have a carry license, you may carry a firearm, you may visit the range. Do you train? Do you know how to protect, defend, and extract your spouse and children if you were caught in a public shooting situation?

Transportation.  Vehicles should never be left unsecure or unattended. Drivers are trained in defensive tactics. 

While you may not have, or want, someone to drive you around, you may want to consider some tips on transportation safety, especially during the holidays. 

Lock your car when you leave it. Park in a well-lit location. Do not leave anything visible inside the car. If you drop off packages and intend to return to the store, put them in the trunk and relocate the vehicle to prevent someone from walking up as you walk away. When approaching the vehicle. Keep your phone in your pocket, keep your head up and scan the area as you approach the vehicle, if something is “off”; return to the store and call for security.

As mentioned in an earlier post; it’s all about the layers. And this holiday season is a good time to add an extra layer or two.

Come by our store and say hello. Ask about training classes to raise your skill level. Add personally provided executive protection for you and your family. 

The holidays are here. You have some free time. Make it family time. Gather the family, bring your firearm, and get in some family firearm practice. 

 Stay Alert, Stay Safe


By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved