A Rifle; Just A Rifle

Drop the Adjective, It’s Just a Modern Rifle Design 

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Agency that regulates firearms) defines a rifle as a firearm designed and intended to be fired from a shoulder braced position with one round traveling through a barrel that is at least sixteen inches in length for each single pull of the trigger.

The concept of adding the adjective “Assault” to the noun “Rifle” is a media and political ploy to throw shame on a modern rifle design.

As many of you know; the use of “AR” in the description of the modern rifle design comes from a manufacturer that sold the AR-15.  The “A” in “AR” stands for Armalite; the manufacturer.  AR-15 represents; Armalite Rifle, Model 15; which was introduced to citizen hunters and shooters in the 1950s.

While media and anti-gun groups reference the removable magazine, and semi-automatic features of the modern rifle design as the assault features; many rifles designed and sold prior to the 1950s had similar features.

Those that wish to tarnish the design reference its close resemblance to the military’s M-16 which first saw action in the Vietnam Conflict in the 1960s.  After World War II, many of the military’s M-1 rifles, similarly featuring a cartridge feed and semi-automatic action, found new homes with hunters around the country.  Never once being referred to as an assault rifle.

For a bit more myth busting; the AR-15 chambers a .223 caliber bullet; there are many more rifles in circulation with much larger calibers.  The most common is the 30-06.  In comparing calibers, the industry considers velocity and energy.  Velocity measures for both are similar.  However, the energy of the 30-06 is close to three times the energy of the .223.  While both will do damage, a 30-06 rifle will do much more damage than an AR-15 rifle.

So why would anyone want to own a modern rifle design similar to a rifle that the military uses?  To refer back to the article on caliber a few months back; it’s individual preference. 

A lot of today’s hunters are former military and learned how to shoot with that military rifle.  Also, most sporting game in the United States is smaller in comparison to the availability of sporting game in other locations around the world; and the modern rifle is lighter for carrying throughout the forest and fields as the hunter stalks game.  Additionally, the bullet is less likely to destroy the meat upon impact.  One other feature is that the modern rifle is easier to take apart and clean in comparison to some of the older designed rifles on the market.

Modern rifle design does not warrant the adjective “Assault”; just as violence does not warrant the adjective “gun”.  Regardless of the tool people use to attack other people.  The tool is nothing more than the inanimate object used by the attacker.

In the last twenty years, phones, computers, cars and home appliances have been improved.  There is a version 2.0 or higher for everything.  Doesn’t the modern day hunter deserve a modern day rifle?

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Stay Aware, Stay Safe,


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