The Armed Relative (Holiday Safety)

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

For most responsible gun owners, people know you have a gun or two; they may not know you carry for safety and security. 

A number of you keep that under wraps to protect the sanctity of the family.  After all, not everyone in the family is pro-firearms.  It may be an in-law, or a cousin, or a niece or nephew; but someone in the family is not comfortable arounds firearms, and may even have more restrictive ideas about firearms.

That is OK.  Everyone has a right to their opinion; and we have our right to own a firearm for the safety and security of our family.  And with the current environment of violence; it’s probably good that someone is carrying when the family gets together for a holiday dinner out.

But we also have an obligation to the family to be responsible and respectful. 

If invited to a family event at someone’s house to which you’ve never visited in the past; ask that family member if they mind you being armed in their home.  Most of the time they will thank you for asking and say it’s perfectly OK.  However; should they inform you that it is not OK; be prepared to leave your firearm at home or locked in the car. 

A couple of considerations regardless: 

  1. This should not need to be mentioned; but: DO NOT brag, share of show off to the kids that you have a firearm on your hip. It’s not cool; and could be taken out of context.
  2. Again, this should not need to be mentioned; but: DO NOT partake of alcohol. Alcohol impacts judgement and responsible actions. Alcohol and firearms don’t mix well.
  3. Do stay alert. The holiday season is an opportunity for criminals to up their game, as a lot of people will let down their guard during the good times.  Robberies, burglaries and home invasions are targeting areas where people gather, including family events because that’s where wealth and jewelry can be found.
  4. And with care and consideration, a good conversation about firearm safety might spark an interest in someone asking for you to take them to the range while in town. This has been the case on a number of occasions where someone from out of town, from an area that is not supportive of firearms, where they may have never been around a firearm asks to be taken to the range.

Owning a firearm, or two, and being a responsible firearm owner, is the ultimate expression of the freedoms we have in this country.  As advocates of the Second Amendment, you want to portray the benefits, safety, freedom and fun of firearm ownership.  And during the holidays, you have an ideal opportunity to do just that with people you care about.

So; ask your out-of-town holiday family members what they want to do while in Texas; and hint that you’ll be making a visit to your favorite gun range in the morning if they’d like to join you.

Share with them the safety they need to know about firearms, and share with them the fun of shooting.  Watch the reservation on their face turn to sheer joy as they punch holes in the paper target down range.

See you at Saddle River Range soon.

Stay Safe and Stay Alert,

© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved