Concealed Carry – The Caliber Question

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

Do you carry a firearm?  Are you considering carrying a firearm?

If either apply to you, continue reading.

Which firearm is the best? 

If you asked this question at a gun store or shooting range; you’d get 10 different answers from 8 different people!

Let’s ask even more contentious questions. 

What is the best caliber for a carry gun?

If you ask; you’ll get passionate responses from everyone.  That may hint at the correct answer.

So what would you want to consider in determining the caliber and gun you carry, or plan to carry?

Knockdown power?  Ammo capacity? Concealability?  Price?  Color?  Or any one of the dozens of characteristics there are between the various firearms available for sale and the calibers available for those firearms.

The first firearm Thom and I carried were issued to us by our favorite uncle.  It was determined based on the vendor that could deliver the necessary volume at the lowest price.  As you guessed, Thom and I’s first firearm was issued to us by the government; The Secret Service and The Military.  We had no say in the decision; but the tool achieved the objective intended, providing us with an ability to protect and defend.

Let’s go back in time to the 1920s.  The tool of choice for mob hit men at the time was a .22 caliber.  While small, the round does penetrate the body and will damage internal organs leading to a successful hit.

And of course anyone of a certain age will concede to the character of Dirty Harry and his .44 magnum; a massive caliber requiring a massive firearm.  A challenge to conceal; but it will provide defensive protection.

So, anything from a .22 caliber to a .44 magnum and of course the military standard issue of World War II, the .45 caliber 1911 can be used to provide firepower protection.  And we will concede that the .50 caliber Desert Eagle should be included in that grouping, but the gun’s size would definitely preclude it from being concealed!

So let’s rethink the best gun/caliber to carry.  Do the features of the firearm matter?  Let’s say that they do; but not in a significant prioritization.   Does the size of the caliber matter?  Let’s say that size doesn’t matter; but there are characteristics of the caliber to consider.

Considering prioritization of characteristics; we’ve neglected to consider what could be, and should be a priority in determining gun and caliber.

To help you determine what is the best gun/caliber option; answer the following questions:

  1. What gun/caliber will you most likely embrace as a firearm that you would comfortably carry?
  2. What gun/caliber will you most likely rely upon for consistent and accurate acquisition and trajectory strike?
  3. With what gun/caliber option will you regularly practice?
  4. What gun/caliber will you holster and religiously carry when you depart your home?

Get the hint?  The best firearm and the best caliber for you, emphasis on YOU, to carry is dependent on your confidence, capability, preparation and training of the gun/caliber combination.

Still not sure?  Come in and talk to us.  We can pair you with an instructor which will walk you through a variety of firearms with a variety of calibers; helping you find the ideal carry gun for you.

If you already have the perfect firearm/caliber combination; come in and practice.  You can’t get enough practice.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

© Copyright 2021 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved