Firearms Safety Classes in Montgomery County, TX

Whether you’re a seasoned gunman or you’re new to the world of firearms, safety classes should be an essential part of your training regimen. At Saddle River Range, we are proud to offer such gun safety courses to the people of Montgomery County, TX. Learn more about the importance of taking firearm safety classes and why you should choose Saddle River Range for all of your training needs.

The Importance of Safety Training

Whether you intend to use your firearms for hunting, self-defense, or recreation, you need to fully grasp the destructive power of these modern weapons. Even minor lapses in safety protocol could leave you or a bystander seriously injured or even dead. For this reason, first-time firearm owners should undertake extensive safety training and experienced shooters should regularly refresh their gun safety knowledge.

At Saddle River Range, we offer firearm safety courses for pistols and rifles alike, along with a special course for safety while hunting. These courses will ensure that you know how to respect your weapon and its power so that you can wield it safely in any given situation. These courses will also help you to understand that guns won’t be frightening if you handle them properly, including observing proper storage practices.

Learn more about our specific firearms courses by visiting our training page.

A Range You’ll Love

At Saddle River Range, we’re dedicated to helping members of the Montgomery County community ages 10 and up to respect and enjoy ranged weapons. This is why we have public firearm and archery ranges that anyone can access at a reasonable price.

We host training and events so that you can improve your skills and get to know other firearm enthusiasts. In addition, we have on-site amenities you’re sure to love, including a gunsmith and a café.

If you have any questions about our safety courses or our range in general, give us a call at (936) 271‑2620.