Foundation of Personal Security

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

Happy New Year. 


While we are tossing out this year’s calendar and putting up a new calendar on the refrigerator; take a minute to reflect on the stories of the past year. 

On every station, on every news show there was a story on crime.  Watch Local, Regional or National news and you were presented with a story about an act perpetrated by someone that is a violation of our established laws – and many of those stories include violence against someone.  Just because we are changing the calendar; don’t expect the trend to change…

So!  What do you do as a result of those news stories? 

Do you change the station?  Do you turn off the TV?  Do you lock the doors, turn off the lights and hide?

The stories, the acts, the perpetrators are real; and they are not going away.

Don’t live the mythical life that crime only happens to other people? 

There are three pillars of security that, if established and followed, can provide the foundation for you and your family’s personal safety and security.  And it does not include an intricate web of complex devices or technology.

Understanding Crime.  Most crime is opportunistic, the criminal attacks the unsuspecting.  Most crime is undertaken in the ‘shadows’, the criminal does not want any attention.  Most criminals are lazy, they are looking for an easy target.

First Pillar.  Awareness.  Recognize that crime is real and criminals are looking for an opportunity.  Be alert in your activities, don’t let the criminal element catch you off guard.  While technology can be useful; technology can be a disadvantage if it distracts you, allowing you to be surprised.  Don’t be distracted, be in the present and aware.

Second Pillar.  Deterrence.  Make the target challenging or undesirable. Present a target that is not worth the effort or will require too much effort; and most criminals will look for something easier.  If the target is perceived to be difficult or a challenge to overtake; the less likely the criminal actor will strike.  Stay alert, watch for suspicious activity and don’t attract unwanted attention in your direction.

Third Pillar.  Response.  Whether the situation is a home break in or a personal attack on the streets; your response will dictate the outcome of the event.  Do not buy into the myth that you will think your way through an event as it happens.  When under stress; your capability to respond is deteriorated as the brain channels the body to fight, flight or shut down.  You are not living a Hollywood movie; you MUST prepare in advance.  Consider how events may play out in any given situation and plan on how you will respond.  No plan, no training, no practice equals no response and the risk of being a victim!

Yes, crime is on the rise; but you don’t have to hide behind bolted doors.  Live your life; and remember to be aware, be a hard target, and train to respond.

Check out our training schedule.  Sign up for a class; Firearm Fundamentals, License To Carry, or Defensive Pistol; and PRACTICE YOUR SKILLS.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

© Copyright 2021 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved