A Good Guy (or Gal) With A Gun

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

It was mentioned in a national news special and then reported in detail in the local news.  Then two days later it was the subject of another news story.  This is the first time that we can recall the media reporting positively on a civilian stopping an armed attack with a legally carried firearm. 

A Houston man was approached by a would-be robber at an ATM.  The targeted victim drew his legally owned firearm and stopped the threat.  In another state, a shooter entered the food court of a shopping mall and started to kill shoppers.  A civilian with a legally owned firearm stopped that threat.

Score one for “good guys with guns”.

In June of this year, The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled on a case related to the rights of those who own firearms. 

The ruling dealt with carrying a pistol or revolver in the state of New York.  New York follows a “may” issue law meaning the state might issue a carry license “if” the applicant could provide sufficient cause, or reason for the need to carry a firearm in public.  The state rarely found the cause sufficient to issue a carry license.

Without getting too deep in legal issues; in a court case filed against the New York State Police; the Supreme Court ruled against the state.  This ruling follows earlier SCOTUS rulings (District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago) allowing for a firearm owner to carry in public; further supported a rational interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Score another one for “good guys with guns”.

Let’s turn to another issue.  The shooting in the community North of Chicago on Independence Day.  The shooter had written pages of notes leading up to the event; which were recently released by law enforcement to the public and the media.  While you won’t hear much about it in the media; there was a phrase in those notes alluding to the concern of being caught by someone with a concealed carry weapon.

If the bad guys are thinking about this; score another one for “good guys with guns”.

Returning to Supreme Court rulings; lets go back to 1981. 

In Warren v. District of Columbia; the Supreme Court of The United States ruled that the police do not have an obligation or a responsibility to provide individual protection in general circumstances.  Their obligation and responsibility is a general “public duty” to protect; but “no specific legal duty exists”.

This ruling was upheld again in 1989, 2005 and 2018.

Personally, we have a lot (A LOT) of respect and admiration for law enforcement.  They literally put their lives on the line to serve and protect local communities.  But; there are only so many of them and bad guys out number them in multiples.

The take away on this is that we, as individuals are personally responsible for our own security and protection against threats of violence. 

Score one more for “good guys with a gun”. 

But let’s look at this in a rational manner.  We do not live in the wild, wild West of the 1800s.  We do have personal obligations and responsibilities to our neighbors, friends and the community.  We cannot brandish, threaten or intimidate those around us with a firearm; those are criminal offenses.  But if we are threatened, or innocent people around us are threatened; we can, and should make an effort to stop the threat.

So; to be a responsible “good guy with a gun” (and we’re not being sexist; we fully expect there to be a bunch of “good gals with guns” as well); take the License to Carry course.  Yes; we know Texas is a “Constitution Carry” state and a license is not required.  However; taking the class educates you on the laws, responsibilities and obligations you need to know to carry a firearm in public.  It also provides you with a piece of paper that is acceptable in other states to allow you to carry in that state – whether or not they are constitution carry states.  (Most constitution carry states apply constitution carry to their state residents only.)

But don’t stop there.  You are now a “good person with a gun”.  Keep the mind set going.  Keep practicing; and practice with a training plan.  Knowing how and being able to do are different.  Making rational decisions in a stressful situation such as a shoot-out requires responsible, decisive action; not emotional reaction. 

Come visit the range.  Come regularly.  Get an instructor that can help you train with a plan.  What do you want to be able to do if you’re in a situation where you are THE “good person with a gun”?  It won’t come naturally.  You’ll need to train and practice.  But if you want to keep your family, your friends, your co-workers safe – train to do so.  See you at Saddle River Range soon.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,


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