“Like An Onion”

There was a movie a few years back entitled “Shrek”.  Shrek is an Ogre that ended up getting paired with a donkey on a journey.  As they get to know each other Shrek makes the comment “Like an Onion”. 

The reference being that the heart is wrapped in layers.

The same can be said about personal safety.  Our individual safety is a result of layering up on various protective elements and processes.

To start our first layer, and the outer most layer is the concept of society.  We group together for survival and lifestyle and that affords an initial barrier to certain threats.

Add on another layer for the rules of society, those behaviors that are accepted and approved by society.  However, some members of society have consciously decided not to comply with those rules and another layer is necessary.

The next layer is the ruling governance of society.  Those elements of government that determine laws and the punishment for those that do not comply with those laws.

Continuing with more layering; we have law enforcement.  Now law enforcement in the United States is layering wrapped in layer, wrapped in layering…

There is the national level of law enforcement, the state level of law enforcement, county levels and local municipality levels.  And there are duplications at every level.  City Police, Municipal Police, School District Police; Sheriff and Constable; State Police, State Highway Patrol, Texas Rangers; FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, and the list goes on.

So far, our personal safety is wrapped in a number of comforting layers; but there is still the risk of threat and more layering opportunities.

The next inner layer is the first layer that is dependent upon us as individuals.  The knowledge of and acceptance of the realization that there are threats out there and we must take action to bypass, deflect of respond to those threats.

Your activities and lifestyle begin this personal inner layer.  The things we do, the places we go and the activities in which we participate will either avoid the risk or put us smack dap in the middle of a threat.

This is a personal consideration, and we are not going to judge; but you should consider if what you do rips away this layer, exposing you to a risk of threat you were not expecting.

Continuing to add layers; we are now at the home layer.  This includes but is not limited to your routine around the house, your car when out, your work site; etc.  Locking doors, setting alarms, mounting cameras, screening visitors before opening, or exposing, yourself to others – and the potential risk of threat that’s out there.

The last two layers are the basis for this upcoming layer.  The previous two are only applicable if your observation skills and situational awareness are engaged.  You must have this layer for the previous two to fall inline – so to speak.

We are getting close to the heart of your security.  Be patient with us as we continue…

Inside situational awareness is the posturing layer.  How do we educate ourselves for the possibilities.  How do we prepare for something we hope never happens.  This is the foundation for personal protection.  Doing what you can to be able to avoid, deflect and/or respond to a situation.  This is not just “knowing”; but preparing.  More than just reading but taking a class.

Next is practicing your training.  The regular activities that move the reaction from thinking to muscle memory.  Your body acts without you needing to contemplate what you need to do.

You are now wrapped in a multitude of security blankets that keep you protected from those that would do you harm.

Or you could build a concrete house with a moat, never venture beyond the alligator filled pond and have Uber Eats deliver your meals.  But that’s not living; that’s a private prison!

Remember the layering.  That last one is important.  If you add a protective firearm to your layering, then practice is critical as knowing how to use a firearm in a protective manner is a perishable skill.  If you haven’t been to the range to shoot in a while; why don’t you take it upon yourself to grab that gun bag, add a box of ammo and come on in to keep those skills from fading away.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch




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