Responding to Violence

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

The definition of violence is: behavior involving physical force to hurt, damage or kill someone or something.  A lesser version of this includes verbal and physical acts to force submission.  In today’s composition; we are going to focus on physical criminal violence.

Let’s first consider that you are a sane and socialized individual.  Unless you have experienced violence; you have no concept of human on human violence.

We hear the word in the media several times a week, sometimes several time in a news cast.  But as sane, socialized individuals; we cannot comprehend the idea, let alone the act of physical violence upon another.  But it happens; and it could happen to you.

So how do we respond if we can’t comprehend?

First.  Stay alert and aware of your surroundings.  Pay attention to your surroundings; especially in unfamiliar locations and while it’s dark.

Second.  Should you find yourself in a situation, you’re standing on the “X”; make every attempt to escape, get off the “X”.  There is ample evidence that criminals are lazy; they don’t want to expend an effort to attain their “mark”.  If you can sprint away, turn a corner and hide, slip into a public facility; do so.  Unless you are specifically targeted; they will likely not follow.

If you find yourself caught unaware and you have no escape; things are going to get nasty.  Now what?

In all honesty: a violent criminal is going to want to “hurt” you.  Violence; generally referred to as street fighting, is not a bar fight, is not boxing, it’s not martial arts, it’s not even cage fighting.  Each of the previously mentioned arts are competitive with rules.  Some have extensive rules, some only minimal; but rules none the less.

A violent attacker abides by NO rules.

Your attacker will ignore rules of engagement; will disregard all socially accepted norms.  How do you respond?  Stay with us; we’ll get there; just laying a foundation.

Criminal violence is chaotic.  Your attacker is not going to be concerned that you might attempt to fight back.  They don’t care if you train in self-defense, practice Krav Maga or even if you’re a Black Belt in some modern version of Martial Arts.  They will release the full force of evil in an attempt to subdue you.

Your attacker is expecting you to be the sane and moral person that you are and will use that against you.  Whether from mental instability or from experience they know what violence works; and how to make it work against you.

Your attacker is not going to set up or take a stance.  The initial attack will be swift and sudden; and your attacker is going to hope it’s a surprise.  Let’s try to make sure it isn’t.

If you did not become aware of the pending attack and could not escape your situation; you are going to get hurt.  However, you can minimize the hurt and possibly prevent a severe beating if you can remember one thing.

There are no special moves, no counters and nothing Hollywood.  What you see on the big screen is a dance move choreographed for entertainment.  Forget all that.

Remember one thing.  Your attacker is ignoring socially acceptable behavior; you too must push your sense of morality into a dark closet and let your primal warrior loose.  You will have to do to your attacker what they had intended to do to you!

You will NOT fight fair.  You will focus on damaging the weak points of the body on your attacker:  Nose, Groin, Throat, Ears and Eyes.  It doesn’t matter how you do it; but inflict pain on these points and you should have an opportunity to escape your attacker as they respond to the surprise of your attack.

We hope that you, or anyone you know is never in a situation to have to respond to violence. However, it’s best to have the knowledge and never need it; than need it and not have it!

Check out our training classes.  Sign up for a Victim Proofing Woman, a Blade Fighting or Defensive Shooting class.  Be prepared; know how to respond.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe,

© Copyright 2021 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved