Responding to an Uptick in Violence

If you’ve watched the news lately, you have heard stories of regular people being beaten, stabbed and shot while going about their business.  Innocent lives assaulted for no apparent reason.

Driving down the street in Houston increases your risk of being shot at as a result of some other idiots’ rage that you were discourteous as they weave recklessly through traffic at high speed.

And to add insult to the threat of injury; politics, liberal agendas and radical narratives are pushing to restrict your right to self-defense as you protect yourself from those that want to do you harm.

In previous articles, we have encouraged awareness and actions that help you avoid the risk of threat; but in today’s environment, it is becoming more challenging to avoid violence.  We have suggested diverting from your path; attempting to bypass a confrontation; but still the criminal element rushes on. 

The truth is that those that will do you harm are NOT respectful.  They are not considerate.  And they do not comply with socially acceptable behavior.  You want to avoid a confrontation.

Run away if you can.  And take a hint from a frighted rabbit!  Bolt away in a zig-zag fashion.  Yes, it is more difficult, and more exhausting: but if you’re moving back and forth at a random pace, should they decide to fire upon you, they are less likely to hit you.  You can be assured that they are not as good a shot as you…

If you can’t get away, recognize that you are going to incur injury; but give better than you get.  This will not be a match for the boxing ring.  It will not be a bar room brawl.  There will not be any ‘rules’ or considerations.  An animal type of violence will be unleashed upon you.  You will want to dig deep down into your own animal core and react as a corned bear protecting her cubs.  You will want to get “ugly”!

Here’s where all this gets tricky.  Given the current political environment; you may be seen as the villain and the attacker awarded the status of victim.  For this reason, we want to avoid the confrontation.  However, if your life is in danger, or loved ones or innocent people are in danger; don’t hesitate to protect yourself and others if threatened.

If you carry, draw that firearm as a last resort.  But draw if you must.

Here is where we recommend applying for the license to carry.  That license shows that you have been educated in the laws related to the carry of a firearm in public.  It provides a basis that you are not just another criminal hiding a gun in your waste.  That license provides some basis for your right to protect yourself with lethal force.

However, that alone is not quite enough.  Take the next step and train for self-defense.  Live training such as the defensive courses offered at Saddle River Range can help with your physical skills as well as your mental perspective in personal self-defense with a firearm.

The experience of live training prepares you both mentally and physically for the test of a lifetime.  Live training allows you to gauge the situation, assess the threat, and seek an effective and responsible response.

Your License to Carry and your training, provide you with a foundation that balances your right to self-protection with the legal consequences of using lethal force.

So. if you haven’t been to the range to shoot in a while, grab your gun bag and come on in.  While here talk with the desk about the License to Carry class if you don’t already have that and sign up for the next defensive shooting course.  Those skills are perishable, and you will want to keep them fresh.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

© Copyright 2022 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

All rights reserved