Gun Safety in the Home


By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins


Did Santa bring you a new firearm for Christmas?  Did you decide not to take a chance with Santa and buy a new firearm on your own?  Great, congratulations on your new firearm.


So whether this is a first gun, or just another in your collection; Safety is of utmost importance.  With any complex piece of machinery, safety must be in the forefront of our minds.  We want everyone to understand the rules of safe gun ownership and stay safe – including the children in our homes.


There was a popular movie that came out around Christmas time a couple of decades ago about a boy that wanted a BB gun for Christmas.  He was tormented by all that if he had a BB gun, he’d shoot his eye out!  We recognize that any firearm can cause injury; and because of that, we want to address some safety considerations for new gun owners; and a refresher for those that have a collection of guns.


Four rules of gun ownership:

  1. Treat ALL guns as if they are loaded and ready to fire,
  2. Never point any firearm at anything you don’t want to destroy,
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire,
  4. Be aware of what is around and behind your target.


As adults, we can understand and respect these rules and abide by them; and we need to instill this respect in our children.  From an early age we must educate our young people that guns are beneficial, but must be handled with respect.  A recent CDC report presented statistics that gun related deaths of children between 1 and 19 was second only to auto crashes.  We can change that with a little practical, rational thought and the addition of available devices that can help keep guns away from curious hands.


Considering the aforementioned devices; what options are available to keep our guns secure and our children safe?


The basic three include: 1. a gun safe, 2. trigger guards, and 3. cable locks.


Each provides a level of safety and security for the firearm based on the particular risk associated with the household environment.  For a single defensive pistol kept in the bedroom with no children (and no expected children) a trigger guard or finger release box would be considered sufficient.  For four or five rifles, a couple of shotguns and a half dozen handguns with children living at home; a large room safe would be considered a more appropriate option.


The type of firearm, your situation, your lifestyle and household environment will determine the security measures you’ll want to take to keep your firearm(s) secure and ready, but out of the reach of the kids.  An informed sales clerk at a gun store – specifically the knowledgeable men and women behind the counter at Saddle River Range can help you determine the best option for you and your family.


They can also sign you up with an instructor learn about firearm safety and the basics of firearm operations.   Make if a family affair and bring the whole family; if everyone learns the basics, we all benefit as responsible gun owners.


Learn more about training programs to help you understand how best to protect yourself and your family here at Saddle River Range.  Club memberships can be found here.

Be Aware, Be Safe.


© Copyright 2019 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

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